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since 1993​

Zamati Technology has been operating since 1993 and is a family run business. The Zabern family originates from Austria and have been involved in meat and food manufacturing since 1920's. The Zabern family is a well-known name as Fleischermeister or Master of Meats in upper Austria, renown for their expertise in offering great tasting meat products at exceptional value. 
The Zabern family migrate to New Zealand in the late 1980's for the potential to import the wealth of knowledge learnt from Europe and develop products made from the exceptional raw materials of New Zealand.

As a family operation, the company has gained a wealth of knowledge in the meat and food processing industry. This knowledge allows for the creation and development of exceptional international renown meat products. These products have won several international awards and national awards and are regarded as world class premium meat products.

It all began halfway around the world...
Master of Meats 

Born in Austria, migrated to New Zealand in 1989 too offer a country renown for high quality beef and lamb a taste of Europe.

A master butcher with 40+ years experience in the food and meat industry. 

Has been ranked in the top 3 for meat production specialists in the world in 1994. Winning 12 Gold 9 Silver and 3 Bronze in the German InterMeat competition.

Has operated in the retail market, export, production, sales and taught at Manukau Institute of Technology

Wilhelm has been a consultant to poultry, beef, venison and lamb production.

Production Facility Shelly Beach Organics

Architecturally designed and purpose-built “The Barn” overlooks the Kaipara Harbour and will produce premium meats and artisan goods from beef, lamb, venison and fish.

Echoing our family’s provenance, the building’s classic lines pay homage to traditional farming origins. Inside, we have meticulously designed the layout and equipment to facilitate organic food processing and curing to the highest standards. 

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