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Zaroa NZ
2000- Today

ZAROA NZ is a specialty meat manufacturer that offers the highest quality of natural & organic meat products. With exceptional taste, flavour, and experience that will delight the connoisseur consumer with enriched taste buds. With a large range of products being internationally award-winning, promoting health, wellness, and earning the heart tick consumers will see ZAROA NZ as New Zealand’s premier meats. 


Zamati has assisted ZAROA NZ to achieve 10 Gold and 2 Silver medals at 2010 International Fachwettbewerb Austria. 

Zamati Tech designed the Pohutukawa Smoked Sous Vide Cooked Angus Beef Brisket that won the Gold and the Champion Free-From Award at the 2020 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards.

 2019 - Today

Canter Valley is a producer and supplier of quality gourmet poultry products to the restaurant, food service and retail markets in New Zealand.

Canter Valley began back in 1987, and is located near Sefton in beautiful North Canterbury. We are a family owned business, striving to be environmentally conscious. Sustainable poultry welfare management practices, with care and consideration for the highest level of animal welfare are paramount. We focus on the best quality product at every stage of production. The quality focus, consistent portion control, product presentation, and customer service are what set Canter Valley apart.

Canter Valley is an approved poultry processor under the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and are HACCP endorsed. 

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and quality.

 2009 - Today

The VH group was established in 1971, Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd. in Pune (India). Today the group is popularly known the world over as “Venky’s”. Today the group is the largest fully integrated poultry group in Asia. 

Zamati has assisted Venky's to achieve 12 Gold medals at the 2010 international Fachwettbewerb Austria. This allowed Venky's to achieve an honorary award which is a great result for a first-time participant.

 2019 - Today

The Omega Lamb Project is built on an all-natural farming system that integrates unique genetics with specially developed agronomy. The majority of the additional value is thus achieved on farm.

The animals are carefully selected to thrive in New Zealand’s hill country. These genetic characteristics, based on higher levels of polyunsaturated intramuscular fats and Omega-3, are resulting in tastier and healthier lamb. These good fat characteristics are enhanced post weaning when the lambs move to lowland farms to specially developed chicory herb-based pastures.

The programme incorporates traceability and origin principles. All lambs are tagged, individually recorded and traced to ensure exactly the right genetics, feeding, management and welfare.  Farmers manage their properties to strict guidelines based on best practice in food safety and environmental stewardship.

 2012 - Today