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Zamati Technology recognising the key factors in modern food processing techniques. As a result of the fast changes in this industry sector during the last ten years, this trend is expected to continue through to the next century. Zamati Technology has developed unique methods and techniques in food processing. Using training methods which not only provide the technique, the service includes knowledge and practical skills to the clients, which also effects positive to the production procedures. Our experience confirms that there are considerable long-term benefits, sustainable results and cost-effectiveness in our approach to training. When Zamati Technology designs products for the clients, we spend time researching the client's needs, and develop recipes, which are tailor-made to the specific business, production facilities and the feasibility of the product.



Meat Processing


To provide our clients with the most advanced product recipes, process methods and technologies, Zamati Technology guarantees its commitment maintain close contact with product development in Europe and USA, to give our clients the leading edge.

Creative Food Design

Our portfolio includes over 1500 recipes developed from international renown products from Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy and New Zealand.


Of these recipes, we have created more than 250 Award Winning recipes that have achieved Gold, Silver and Bronze from international competitions and national competitions.

International Competitions

    • Internationale Fachwettbewerb für Fleisch und Wurstwaren - Austria Wels (International Trade Competition for meat and meat products)

    • SIAL  - France

National Competitions

All products sent to the competitions were made utilizing 100% New Zealand meat.


Recipes from:

    • Beef

    • Lamb

    • Venison

    • Goat

    • Ostrich

    • Poultry – Chicken, Turkey, Duck


Recipes for:

    • Roasts, Ham, Bacon, Pastrami, Cured Smoked & Air-dried

    • Bratwurst – Sausages

    • Salamis Fermented & Cooked (Dauerwurst)

    • Pates & Aspic

    • Pizza toppings

    • Marinated Meats

 Recipes which categories for:                      

    • Clean Labels - No "E" Numbers

    • Natural - (no antibiotics, no added hormones, no chemical preservatives)

    • Wellness (reduced - fat, cholesterol, salt/sodium)

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